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  • Ako Aotearoa - our people & activities - including news, funding initiatives and research outputs
  • Resource Centre - a range of practical information about good tertiary teaching and learning - organised under a list of Topics and teaching Disciplines
  • Projects and Communities - the interactive part of the site  where you can find information about current & finished projects, and communities of practice where people can share and develop ideas and resources

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  • our Mātauranga Māori space - access to information on Māori teaching and learning resources and projects
  • Academy of Tertiary Teaching Excellence - a group of past Tertiary Teaching Excellence Award winners working to foster, promote and advocate for the development of excellent tertiary teaching.
  • Our Northern, Central, and Southern Hubs  - find out what's happening in our regional hubs
  • Project Register - our comprehensive source of information on recent tertiary education research and development projects, currently being conducted in New Zealand (2006 onwards).
  • External Links - other NZ and international organisations relevant to tertiary teaching and learning

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