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Project space Home Page - Help

The Project space Home Page presents a short summary description about the community and lists a short selection of recently created content.

Also see: Editing the Community/Project space Home Page

The following information assumes you are a registered member of the community you are browsing and are currently logged into the site. If you're not a member you can join by pressing the JOIN tab. Joining a community will allow you to publish content and interact with other members of the group. Some communities will require your request for membership to be approved by the Project space owner, most community owners respond to requests within 48 hours.

Some important points to remember as you use this site:

  1. Your role in the group will define what you are able to do and see on the page

  2. This site has a robust workflow in operation that manages public and private content for group members.


While logged in on a community you are subscribed to several tabs become available, displayed above the content of the page. They are the:

  • View Tab - As a member of the group, the view tab on each page shows you the content of this page.

  • My Membership tab - Allows you to unsubscribe from this project.

  • Edit Tab - As a member of the project space, the EDIT tab allows you to change the content on this specific page.

  • Statistics Tab - This tab presents data on the content within the specific project space.

Top Banner

The top banner is your primary navigation, it gives you quick access to different parts of the group.

  • About: The Project space Home Page displays the most recent activity in the project space.

  • Blog: The Blog shows the most recent blog posts for this project.

  • News: The news page lists all news items for this project.

  • Forum: The Project forum where topics can be discussed between members.

  • People: Lists the members of the community and their respective roles.

  • Resources: Shows the most recent resources (files, resource pages, news items).

Project Tools

There are seven kinds of items you can create in this project:

  • Blog entry - you can add a blog post for this project space. NB - these are not individual blogs, but Project space blogs, allowing members of the group to collectively add content.

  • Event - you can create an event, adding it to the Project's calendar.

  • Forum topic - you can start a forum thread.

  • Group News - you can create a news item that will appear in the news section.

  • Resource Book - This creates a book of information with a number of navigable pages within it. Think of it as a folder that holds content that is grouped for around a topic of interest or is similar in some way.

  • Resource Link - This will create a hyperlink to another site, storing it as a resource.

  • Resource Page - This creates a standard page that can hold all kinds of content and material for group members.


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